ImproVIBE 2018 - 2019 -> We are back!

ImproVIBE 2018 - 2019 -> We are back!

Here we are once again...
Summer is behind us (What do you mean it's not? Have you seen the weather these days?), September is on its way, our holidays are done... Time for improv to return. And it is waiting for you.

Where had you left your training off? Level 1; Level 2; Level 7; We got something for everyone!

More specifically...

We kick things off with two free intro classes, on Sunday September 2nd and Wednesday September 5th.

Level 1 on either Wednesdays or Sundays, plus an English group on Fridays.
Level 2 every Monday.
Level 3 Wednesdays or Sundays.
Level 4 on Sundays.
Level 5 Monday or Saturday, plus and English group on Sunday.
Level 6 Monday or Saturday (starting in October).
Level 7 every Tuesday.

Also, there will be in October an intensive 2-day musical improv courseντατικό διήμερο musical improv with Stacey Smith who is flying all the way from Chicago for this.

As you are already aware, the page where you can find the course that is right for you and reserve your spot is: . 

We are looking forward to having you join us in this new academic year  and to take you even deeper inside the Improv Comedy Theater rabbit hole.

On behalf of ImproVIBE's instructor team.