1 Improv Comedy Theater 1:

Risk and Failure

Improv Comedy is an entirely different form of theatrical art and with this first level of classes you will learn exactly how the magic happens. You already have everything you need to be spontaneous ...

Saturday course (in Greek)

6 weeks / 7pm - 10pm Start: 12.01

Wednesday course (In Greek)

6 weeks / 7pm - 10pm Start: 20.02

Cost : 120.00€

2 Improv Comedy Theater 2:

Meaningful Improvisations

You have learnt the basics of Improv and came out of it alive. Congrats! But wait, there's more! This second level of improv classes continues with the same playful exploration of the ...

Tuesday course (In Greek)

6 weeks / 7pm - 10pm Start: 08.01

Friday Course (in English)

6 weeks / 7pm - 10pm Start: 11.01

Cost : 120.00€

3 Improv Comedy Theater 3:

The two of us now

In the third level of classes we will learn how to tame this improv beast that we have by now unleashed. Something with the rules, something with the spontaneity, we get carried away and it's ...

Sunday course (In Greek)

6 weeks / 1pm - 4pm Start: 06.01

Wednesday course (In Greek)

6 weeks / 7pm - 10pm Start: 09.01

Cost : 120.00€

4 Improv Comedy Theater 4:

Patterns and games

The patterns, the game, the observation and the repetition. In Improv level 4 we learn to locate and combine these four elements, so we can create a great scene in any type of improv show, ...

Sunday course (In Greek)

4pm - 7pm / 6 weeks Start: 11.11

Cost : 120.00€

5 Improv Comedy Theater 5:

The Montage

Time to lose the training wheels. You are about to master the Improv format called "Montage". The montage consists of unrelated scenes that follow one another, using various techniques on ...

Sunday course (in Greek)

6 weeks / 5pm -8pm Start: 13.01

Cost : 120.00€

6 Improv Comedy Theater 6:

The narrative

The sixth level of improv training is the most exciting of them all. You will learn how to deal with one of the greatest challenges of Improv Comedy Theater: The longform narrative. This is also the ...
Cost : 120.00€

7 Improv Comedy Theater 7:

Advanced Scenework

There are always elements that need improvement in the way we perform, and we tend to discover them one-by-one in the process. There are some things though, that we are struggle with, and those ...

Sunday course (In English)

6 weeks / 5pm - 8pm Start: 13.01

Cost : 120.00€