Improv Theater for kids

Improvised Theater for kids, is taught

Improv techniques, which relies on games, develops kids creative imagination and supports their singularities. They help to get in touch with their qualities - some are shy, some are lively – and make good use of them individually and as part of a team.

Children learn to accept and support the ideas of others, by saying “YES AND”  instead of “YES BUT”, they embrace failure by having fun with it and using it for their benefit as a tool. While the rules are made by the team itself, kids have a better understanding that respecting rules is not about restricting them or blindly obey, but it’s necessary for a smooth operation of the team. They are encouraged to take initiatives and express their needs and wishes, respecting others. They will create their own games and shows using their imagination, by collaborating and trusting their classmates.

The improv mentality is all about expressing yourself freely and trusting your impulse. These tools are the fundamental principals of a healthy personality and useful in every aspect of life.