Boost creativity and teamwork with improvisation training!

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We take the principles of improvisational theater and teach them in non-theatrical environments. The goal is to address the needs of any company that seeks the right tools for a more productive, team-focused and positive work environment. We are the only company in the entire country with 15 years of experience teaching improvisation to all kinds of businesses.

Our methodology focuses on developing the soft skills of your employees through a highly entertaining, educational, interactive process.

The training and services we offer are based on a specific set of principles inspired by improvisational theater. Those principles form a mindset and a work culture that inspire a team of professional to perform at the best of their abilities.

As an official partner of TÜV HELLAS, we provide training certified by the leading organisation in inspections, training and certification. 

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The core principles of improvisation training

  • Accepting failure

    The fear of failure hinders our creativity and innovation. We accept it as part of the road to success. We do not judge others.

  • Confidence

    We trust our most instinctive, impulsive ideas

  • Teamwork

    We show trust, we support our coworkers, we accept different ideas. We build a supportive, trusting environment.

  • Be in the moment

    We observe what is happening in the now, and we actively listen to our coworkers.

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Improvisation Training
Team Building
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Public Speaking
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Ioannis Papaspiros

Personally, and from an HR perspective, improv training helped each of our people to unlock the soft skills they needed in order to be more communicative, with better presentation skills and more relaxed with day-to-day issues. It is obviously ideal for anyone who is responsible for a large number of people or give presentations to a large audience.

HR Manager, Metalourgy Sector ΜΥΤΙΛΗΝΑΙΟΣ Α.Ε.

Lefteris Grigoriou

This workshop bonded us as a team. The atmosphere of freedom, our goofiness, the inside jokes and the intimacy we developed turned us into an actual team. It took us out of our comfort zone. This is very important. I could say that this workshop is suitable for businesses who wish to cultivate a team spirit and the creativity of their employees.

Deputy Aluminium Activity Manager, Aluminium of Greece, METALOURGY SECTOR, ΜΥΤΙΛΗΝΑΙΟΣ Α.Ε.

Ioanna Margaroni

Menelaos made me feel comfortable from the very first moment with his pace and his sense of humor. The creative practices he showed us helped me get over any anxiety about what to say, how to say it and more importantly, how others will perceive me. The improvisation workshop gave me the tools to take my public speaking and my impromptu speech to the next level.
I highly recommend it to people who wish to get out of their comfort zone and to make changes in their lives, be it large or small.

Motivational Speaker / Energy Healer / Life Coach


Our team had a wonderful time at the improv workshop, during which we discovered new skills, we learnt to let loose and we strengthened the bonds between us. A large Thank You to Menelaos Prokos from ImproVIBE who led the workshop.

Software company, Athens Greece

Nikos Kolokatsis

I recently participated in an improvisation workshop, during which Menelaos showed us how important improvisation is in our daily lives and further - it is something that we all need to practice! Menelaos is a bright example of being ready to address any subject under any circumstances. I cannot wait to learn more about improvisation.

Senior insights analyst at GWI

Grigoris Paschalis

For me personally, improv training has been an experience of a lifetime and I still think back to it at random times. It was one more step towards becoming a better human being and to be able to understand behaviors (both my own as well as those of others). I see what it has offered to my team and I can recognize the changes even more in other member's of the team. Extremely entertaining and anti-stressing.

Innovations Manager, ΜΥΤΙΛΗΝΑΙΟΣ Α.Ε.

Antigoni Katsanaki

The workshop is practical and applicable. The ideas presented are especially interesting and seem to have an effect on every student's psyche. It is a very different kind of workshop that leads to strengthened relations between the attendees, while at the same time it forms a different kind of mindset when it comes to an individual's way of thinking and working as a unit and as a member of a team. I recommend it as a hierarchy workshop, and even more so for people who are about to participate in preparing internal company training sessions.

Head of Communication & PR with local organizations
Aluminium of Greece| Metalourgy sector MYTILINEOS