The TAO of Improv - with Kevin Gillese

The TAO of Improv - with Kevin Gillese

Wednesday class

Start: 12.04 / 7pm - 10pm

Kevin Gillese is visiting Athens during his 2023 European tour and will be teaching his signature workshop, The Tao of Improv.

In this workshop we will explore how contrast, tension and opposites can be used to create compelling stories, characters and moments in improvised theatre. This is a deep dive into Kevin's personal improv philosophy that he has crafted over the years inspired by Taoist philosophy. This perspective can easily slot in alongside any other approach to improvisation, and is appropriate for everyone from new improvisers to seasoned veterans. Come join us as we use drama to create stronger comedy, stillness to create more impactful movement, and silence to make each word more powerful. And while we study the craft like the serious artists that we are, we'll also remember to play and have fun, because otherwise what's the point?


Kevin is a Canadian comedy writer and performer with more than twenty years of experience squeezing laughs out of audiences. He has written or co-written ten plays that have been produced at theatres in Canada and the United States. And he has written and produced dozens of short films, online sketches and web series… some of which are actually pretty good (highlights below). 

Kevin started out as an improviser & writer in Edmonton way back in the late 90s. He worked with improv institution, Rapid Fire Theatre, and eventually became the Artistic Director there for several years by the late 2000s. In 2010 he moved to Atlanta to take the Artistic Director job at Dad’s Garage Theatre, a position he held for exactly a decade, during which time he oversaw the development and production of over thirty original comedic plays as well as countless other comedy projects and events. 

Kevin now splits his time between Atlanta and Edmonton, freelancing his life away.


This class will be taught in English