FREE Introductory Improv Comedy Class by ImproVIBE

FREE Introductory Improv Comedy Class by ImproVIBE

Thursday Course (in greek)

Start: 07.07 / 7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

The best way to discover the magic of Improv Comedy Theater is, hands down, this FREE (totally free) introductory 2-hour class!

Take what you know about improvisation and toss it away. Improv Comedy means spontaneity, Play and creating in the moment!

The group of actors jumps on stage knowing nothing about their performance. No script, no pre-defined characters, no safety nets. Every single moment they discover what it is that just happened.

As an actor, it may terrify you. As an audience, it may seem impossible to you. Our goal is to show you how to handle the unexpected and that the best results come out when we think and try the least.

Through this class we will show you the basic principles of Improv Comedy Theater that make this art form go. Although taking this class is not required for you to register on our complete training program, it will definitely jelp you understand how Improv works and how improvisers can do what they do on stage.

We invite you to experience how easy, exciting and fun it is to improvise, to be ready to adapt to any unexpected information, and to take risks not just on stage, but in out day-to-day lives as well.

We welcome you, to the magical world of Improv Theater!