7 Improv Comedy Theater 7:
Advanced Scenework

There are always elements that need improvement in the way we perform, and we tend to discover them one-by-one in the process. There are some things though, that we are struggle with, and those things take away part of our fun on stage.

In this course we will work on 3 pitfalls that we almost always fall for, and 3 techniques that we can put to use to enjoy, not just ourselves but the audience as well, our shows even more.

Improv Comedy Level 7 is exclusively for improvisers who have completed all previous levels of training.

The course lasts 6 weeks, with one 3-hour class every week. (Total duration: 18 hours).

Number of participants: 6 to 10.

After completing the course, the team will put on 2 shows at the Athens Improv Jam + 1 show at a location of their choosing (with some guidance by their instructor). The shows can be of any format they choose.

Cost: 120.00 €
Duration: 6 weeks / 18 hours