6 Improv Comedy Theater 6:
The narrative

The sixth level of improv training is the most exciting of them all. You will learn how to deal with one of the greatest challenges of Improv Comedy Theater: The longform narrative. This is also the main style of improv that ImproVIBE represents.

Through games, exercises and other theatrical methods, you will learn how to improvise an entire story: what it's about, who is the hero, when to relax and when to turn things around, etc.

This is where the real challenge is and this is where the fun goes to a whole new level.

Naturally, being the graduates of all graduates, you shall have 3 showcases to yourselves to perform at an Athens Improv Jam night.

This course is completed in six classes, with one weekly 3-hour class. (Total duration: 18 hours)

In each class there will be between 6 and 10 students.

Cost: 120.00 €
Duration: Six weeks