4 Improv Comedy Theater 4:
Patterns and games

The patterns, the game, the observation and the repetition.

In Improv level 4 we learn to locate and combine these four elements, so we can create a great scene in any type of improv show, with any teammate.

We will learn how to find the game and recognize what each scene is missing and what is or isn't fitting. Our weapons are our ears, our eyes, the curtains, the pigeons, the sea urchans, grandmother's ashes and whatever else comes our way. We use everything (although, technically, we need nothing :) ).

This course is completed in six classes, with one weekly 3-hour class. (Total duration: 18 hours)

At the end of the course the students shall wrap it up with a showcase during one of the Athens Improv Jam shows!

In each class there will be between 8 and 12 students.

Cost: 120.00 €
Duration: Six weeks


Sunday course (In Greek)

6 weeks / 1pm - 4pm Start: 03.03

Wednesday class (In Greek)

6 weeks / 7pm - 10pm Start: 27.02