3 Improv Comedy Theater 3:
The two of us now

In the third level of classes we will learn how to tame this improv beast that we have by now unleashed. Something with the rules, something with the spontaneity, we get carried away and it's easy to make a mess out of it.

We will see what it's like to create delightful scenes of just two people, during which all other players try to complement and support their teammates. The two person scene is the primary building block of a truly meaningful show and it helps us create stronger relationships between the characters on stage.

Learn how to take initiative. Learn how to spot the key points of the scene, how to go deeper and how to highten it.

This course is completed in six classes, with one weekly 3-hour class. (Total duration: 18 hours)

At the end of the course the students shall wrap it up with a showcase during one of the Athens Improv Jam shows!

In each class there will be between 8 and 14 students.

Cost: 130.00 €
Duration: Six weeks