Support Art Workers

Support Art Workers

Today is the final day of quarantine and, gradually, during the next few weeks everyone will return to their work.

Correct? Wrong!

Within the government's "back-to-normalcy" plan, the entire artistic sector has been left out. Artists, theaters, training centers are nowhere to be seen. Not even the slightest reference to when we will be able to go back to doing what we love and what you enjoy receiving. Nothing beyond a -incredibly terrifying- "Unlikely to have any festivals or concerts during the entire summer"!

Greece's entire cultural sector is asking by the ministry only what goes without saying.

And from all of you watching, enjoying, attending, practising, supporting anything that can be called art, we ask for your support.


- Share posts like this one.

- Sign the following petition:

- Help the #SupportArtWorkers campaign grow by adding the relevant profile fram to your facebook profile picture.
1. Load your profile
2. Click on your profile photo
3. Select "Add Fram"
4. On the top left corner "Search frame"
5. Key words: "Support art workers"
6. In the photo description add hashtag [#SupportArtWorkers]
7. Save it

A drop in the ocean, you say? Indeed. But many drops tied together can create a tsunami. And right now, we truly need it.