Mt Olymprov - 4th International Improv Theater Festival in Athens, Greece

Mt Olymprov - 4th International Improv Theater Festival in Athens, Greece


For the fourth year in a row in Greece, a celebration of Improv Comedy Theater that brings you some of the finest Improv Theater artists from all over the world. After the immense success of the first three Mt Olymprov festivals, ImproVIBE proudly invites you to a 5-day festival filled with shows, workshops and activities throughout the day. Come enjoy Improv Comedy Theater at its finest. Choose from a large variety of workshops, and watch jaw-dropping improvised shows every single night, performed by 16 different international improv teams.

100 artists.

30 countries.

29 workshops.

16 shows.

12 instructors.

5 days.

1 festival!

From the 5th to the 8th of June 2019 you can take improv theater workshops, see improvised shows by some of the best groups from around the world and take part in this celebration of a spontaneous art form alongside more than 100 artists that gather in Athens from 30 different countries!

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The doors of Alfa.Idea theater will open at 20:00 every day for the general public, with the shows starting at 20:30. Every night there will be a different Improv Theater show, each one including the participation of 4 international troupes.

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Our goal with this festival is for the people in Greece to get acquainted with this new form of theater and to enjoy some of its finest artists worldwide. Invited instructors that will be teaching workshops are: Jill Bernard (US), Joe Bill (US), Kevin Scott (US), Heather Urquhart (UK), Jules Munns (UK), Mico Pugliares (I), Laura Doorneweerd (NL), Cedric Marschal (FR), Katarzyna Chmara (PL) and Jaklene Vukasinovic (AUS). Guest groups to perform are from France, USA, The Netherlands, Ireland, Poland and Bulgaria, as well as 6 international ensembles from 30 different countries.



Improv Comedy Theater is a new, up-and-coming theatrical art form in Greece. What makes improv so unique is that the actors jump up on stage and create the entire play on the spot. It relies entirely on the creativity, spontaneity and imagination of the actors. There is no script, no predefined structure, no preselected characters, no safety net. Each play is unique, simply because it is born and it dies the very same night, right in front of the audience.