Health and safety regulations at ImproVIBE

Health and safety regulations at ImproVIBE

After lots of investigating and multiple communication attempts - successful or not- with various ministries, we now finally know exactly what applies to us when it comes to covi-related health and safety regulations we need to adhere to.

As an educational institution we have the option, if we wish to take advantage of it, to only accept vaccinated students in our indoor spaces, something which would allow us to bring in a much higher number of students simultaneously. However, we do not agree with such practices that divide the people. We want everyone to have access to the activities they enjoy, as long as they all take the necessary precautions that will keep themselves and the people around them safe.

Therefore, we choose, as a training cetner, to lower our maximum capacity by 50% in order to be able to welcome anyone and everyone who wishes to join us. This means that, in order to come take one of our classes, you need to have one of the following:

- Vaccination certificate
- A recent (6 months) covid case certificate
- A negative PCR test done within the last 72 hours
- A negative Rapid (or rabbit, we don't judge) test done within the last 48 hours


In order to join ImproVIBE's classes, you *need* to have at least one of the following. Also, it is compulsory for face masks to be worn indoors at all times. But just like we did last year, we provide you with transparent face guards that we maintain thoroughly clean and you're welcome to use them for your class.

We do everything in our powers to take care of everyone's safety, to adapt to the current safety measures, while at the same time offering you what you love the most.

We'll be seeing you soon.